Letter Six

Letter Six

These Letters present knowledge which people down the ages have longed to know but have not

received since their worldly scientific knowledge was not sufficient to enable them to understand.
So was it when I was in Palestine in the person of ‘Jesus’, again and again I explained the TRUTH
OF UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE in various ways, but no one understood.

As most of you must realise: I have NOT come to you at this time to bring you a new religion, a
better moral code, or a new ‘God’ to worship. Nor, like your metaphysicians, do I preach ‘positive
thinking’. Your humanly conceived ‘positive thinking’, magnetising to yourselves your human needs
and desires, and the means to fulfill your ambitions, only strengthens your ego-drive.
All things blest and bountiful will be manifested in you and your life as and when you realise
that: the entire universe is transcendent UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS made visible when IT takes on
material form through the activity of the ego.
Your true purpose in your spiritual journey, is to break free of the bondage of the ego and make
ever more pure contact with DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. It is your eventual destiny to recognize ITS
omnipresence both within yourself and throughout your daily activities.
Your highest spiritual goal is to come to that spiritually exalted moment when you finally
realise that your human mind and its desires are only finite – and therefore, can never
bring you the happiness and fulfilment you will experience when you lay down your selfhood
and come to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS asking ONLY for the Higher Way, more Abundant Life, and
the true spiritual PURPOSE which you alone can accomplish in your earthly state.
However, to help you reach this high point of realisation, I am about to enlarge on the origins and
of the EGO.
As I contemplate your world, I see a dimension presently controlled by EGO FORCE.

Every evil thing IN YOUR PRESENT DECADENT SOCIETY in your vast soulless cities, arises out of Ego
Force. It is the source of every wicked, lying, perverted activity presently in operation on your
planet. It controls the media, your TV, your families, nations. It is productive of wars all over
your globe. It creates a foul miasma of low consciousness energies perceivable by Higher
Spiritual Entities – but too horrible to contemplate.
If your present consciousness is permeated with love of possessions and an inability to share
with others, devising ways and means to become rich at the expense of others, stealing, failing
to perform your work conscientiously or give good value for money, snapping, snarling, indulging
in criticism, sarcasm, judgementalism, rejection, denigration, enmity, intolerance, hatred,
jealousy, aggression, violent impulses, thieving, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, slander
– you are ego-driven. Your ego is in control and you will find it difficult to move through the
miasma of
ego-consciousness to be able to see Reality.

Letter 6

For this reason, I have come through the medium of these Letters to help you understand exactly
what is binding you down in your present conditions, the horror of which was unimaginable by the
human mind a century ago.
I am now about to explain more fully the


AT THE TIME OF YOUR CONCEPTION, during intercourse, as your father’s consciousness rose, via his
spine, ever higher to the top of his head, and tension mounted towards its climax, your father’s
consciousness briefly touched DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS creating a flash point, a small explosion,
which he experienced as orgasm, and thereafter an injection of
was infused in his semen
to give life to the mother’s ovum.

The moment of union with woman and explosion of tension in a man at the time of orgasm, re- enacts
the time of the Big Bang, when the UNITY of ‘Father-Mother-Consciousness’ exploded into separate
energies and the first electrical particles and random ‘matter’ took form. ‘Father
Consciousness’ provided the energy of ‘activity and momentum’, and ‘Mother Consciousness’
provided the ‘bonding’ to give form and substance to the electrical particles.

These are PRIMAL IMPULSES which give life and form to man and woman.
I want you to understand that creation is not a creation of ‘matter’ imbued with consciousness.
Creation is the visible form of PRIMAL IMPULSES drawn and bonded into individual shapes and
entities all expressing differing facets and combinations of the PRIMAL IMPULSES in a
myriad of ways. Therefore, the PRIMAL IMPULSES are the Reality which your eyes, ears, smell,
touch, tell you are solid
‘matter’ but are really CONSCIOUSNESS IMPULSES individualised in order to be
experienced, intellectually understood and appreciated emotionally.
At the time of conception when semen unites with ovum and a mating takes place, male consciousness
chromosomes bond with female consciousness chromosomes. This is a physical union of your father’s
own consciousness of semen and mother’s own consciousness of ovum powered by the Divine. Thus,
do the male and female consciousness chromosomes carry the imprint of genetic DNA from both
parents. The moment of physical union of semen and ovum is conducted on two levels of creativity.
The injection of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS became your SOUL embodied within the human consciousness
union of semen and ovum. Physicality was created, powered by ‘Father-Mother-Life Consciousness’
which controlled the activity and bonding of conscious cells, producing the gradual growth and
development of your physical body – which is really consciousness made visible on every level of
your being – and nothing else.
Your soul remained as an inviolate ‘flame’ (metaphor) of ‘Father-Mother-LIFE’ deeply enmeshed
the physical drives of:

These became your earthly individuality and personality.

Letter 6

Incorporated within the transcendent LIFE IMPULSES of ‘Divine Father-Mother Consciousness’,
these consciousness impulses now took over the process of your physical consciousness creation and
became the driving force behind your personality. Together, ‘Activity-Bonding’ laboured
to build conscious cell by conscious cell according to the consciousness specifications contained
in the consciousness DNA molecules. Both personality and body are the product of these human
impulses of
‘Activity-Bonding/Repulsion’. Whilst UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS remains forever within equilibrium
in the space, and therefore, undetectable – in that self-same space, in frequencies of vibration,
the primal impulses of ‘Activity – Bonding/Rejection’ work together in the visible dimension
appearing to your senses in the form of electro-magnetism.
Both UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and your soul remain undisturbed within the silence and stillness of
equilibrium in space. The earthly consciousness creativity takes place within space and time and
varying frequencies of vibration of materialised consciousness.

Therefore, you take on living form and continue to exist within two dimensions. One
dimension is Unseen, the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – and the other visible dimension is all that the
living human being can sense or comprehend until spiritual development lifts its human
consciousness frequencies of vibration to the spiritual plane and a glimmer of understanding enters
its earthly consciousness. As this process of gradual enlightenment proceeds, the uplifted human
consciousness then works consciously both within the Unseen and the visible dimension.

The higher the frequencies of vibration of individualised consciousness, the higher and more
perfect are the forms created in the mind – the lower the frequencies of vibration, the more
divorced from Universal Perfection of Love are the forms created in the individualised mind wholly
possessed by the ego-drive.

The EGO takes over control of your developing foetus from the time of the union of the semen and
ovum. The new little being became an ‘I’ immediately feeling satisfaction and dissatisfaction in
the womb depending on its sense of comfort or discomfort and what was happening to mother.
When you were born, your instincts of survival imprinted with the deep primeval knowledge of
‘created beingness’ buried in each living cell of your body, prompted you to breathe, and become
aware of an emotional emptiness and deprivation at your separation from the comfort of the
confining womb, which was then felt as a physical emptiness and need for physical nourishment.
Thus was your ego cry born.
When you cried you were given nourishment by mother which was deeply satisfying – both physically
and emotionally. When your needs were fully met, you could slip back into a state of equilibrium
within sleep.

When you woke from your equilibrium, you felt a sense of insecurity (the equilibrium now divided
into mental and emotional awareness), you remembered that mother and milk created a fulfilment of
needy insecurity, and so again, you cried. Your needs were fulfilled.
So did your ego-drive develop.

Letter 6

Sometimes, you cried and it was humanly decreed that it was not yet feeding time and you were left
to cry for a while. This built up an awareness that needs were not always satisfied immediately and
you would have to adapt. You either chose anger and cried more vigorously – or lapsed into
acceptance. Your choice of reaction depended on the characteristics of ‘ego-drive’ imprinted in
your consciousness at birth.
Neither forms of ego-drive were to be condemned or judged. They were the natural result of the

Factor of Ego which ensures INDIVIDUALITY.

As I have explained in my last Letter, EGO is the:


If you did not have this inbuilt impulse to ‘cry’ for what you want to make you happy or reject
what makes you sad, you would be in a limbo of nothingness.
If you did not run when faced with danger or did not call for help when in danger – you might die.
If you had not cried – ‘demanded’ food – when you were born, you might have starved.
If you had not welcomed mother’s milk and nuzzled her warmly, you might never have developed a

caring bond with her.

Without the EGO DRIVE there would be no creation, no individuality, no fulfilment of need, no
protection, no warmth of response and no human love.
Without the EGO DRIVE there would be no self-defence, no self-protection, no survival.

However, the EGO DRIVE – primarily the ‘I’ of the individual, is imprinted only with the need for
In childhood, the ‘I’ of the ego is governed by likes and dislikes, wants and rejection of what is
not wanted and by habits formed by a constant repetition of feelings. Bad habits in the form of
unacceptable ego responses to personal experiences and the environment are formed and these are, in
turn, imprinted in the unconscious – or sub-conscious mind – and remain hidden. However, they erupt
into repeated behaviour patterns when the ‘memory’ of previous circumstances and modes of behaviour
unconsciously bring them to mind.
Now, the sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind begin to work together to develop the
personality. Much of the behaviour becomes ‘conditioned behaviour’ and very difficult to break.
When the person is unconsciously programmed with strong self-centred ego habits of thought and
behaviour – and finds it difficult to live with others in harmony – that person then goes to a
psychologist for help in unravelling the complexities of the mental/emotional problems.
Until my Truth of Existence is fully understood and the life-giving principles become the
consistent guide lines of habits of thought and responses to life’s experiences, the pain and
suffering arising from the ignorant indulgence of the ego-drives will persist.
The church describes this human difficulty as being a ‘temptation by Satan’. It is no such thing.
It is a

natural process brought about by the uncontrolled reactions to life powered by the Ego-Drive, whose
only purpose is to bring the individual happiness and contentment, fulfilment of need – or –
privacy, independence, security, peace ..... all directed at SURVIVAL.

Letter 6

It must be understood that there is nothing evil about the ego-drive. It is the necessary tool of
creation. It is the individual himself who brings about the imbalances in life by allowing the ego
drive full control in his personality without thought or consideration for other people.
This, too, is not to be judged or criticised, since the person possessed by ego-drive knows no
other way to think or operate within the earthly dimension.
The child knows nothing about self-control other than that taught by parents and school teachers.
Therefore, the mistakes it makes in responding to life and its ups-and-downs, can only be accepted
in good spirit by parents and teachers, since the child has no understanding of what is driving
If he wants something – he WANTS something right away and wonders why he shouldn’t have it.
There is nothing more in his mind than this. He sees something he likes – he wants it.
It is cruel to tell a child roughly, ‘No, you can’t have it’, his entire system is insulted and
assaulted. From earliest babyhood, the training process must be initiated by logic and reassurance
– affirming his right to feel secure within his environment. His sense of security should be
developed by explaining the right way to express his wishes. LOVE – not irritation or anger, must
choose the words which tell the child why he cannot have what he wants. The child will hear the
message when given in love. When delivered in anger, it arouses his deepest ego-drives and begins
to take form as resentment – overt or hidden or a sense of deep seated frustration which taints the
ego, reducing the child’s natural sense of inner validity. A child needs to possess this sense
of personal validity and should not be subdued or destroyed.
It requires parents or teachers to point out, very clearly, that other people in the world also
have their needs, their rights to their possessions, their desire for peace and pleasure. No one,
not even a child – or adult – has the right to upset another person in order to obtain their own
If another youngster hits the child and makes him cry, it is only natural for the ego-drive to want
to fight back – he is programmed to defend himself against the other child.
It calls for parents and teachers to point out that a ‘pay-back’, revenge in conflict, only

bringing more pain to each child, and for this reason, ‘pay back’ is entirely pointless.
Better to LAUGH and turn away. And rather than allow the irritation and hurt in the mind to
continue, better still to take the problem to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS in prayer and ask for the
hurt to be removed from his consciousness, and seek a means of reconciliation.
A child should also be taught to take time to understand that he and the other child are equally
children born of the Divine Moment. When a child is spiritually receptive and can make
this procedure of recognising his spiritual kinship with other children and all living things,
and the ‘rights of others equal with his own’, into a habit, he will have been given the greatest
spiritual gift possible. In such a way, is the ego-drive weakened by the practical daily
application of inspirational love, whilst the central ‘I’ness of the child remains strong and
The child should be taught the benefits of laughter which I will describe and explain in a later
Letter. Therefore, skilled and insightful teaching is absolutely necessary to steer the child into
an appreciation of the rights of other people – EQUAL WITH THEIR OWN RIGHTS.
This is the spiritual law which should dominate the home and the classroom. Any other law by which
to judge circumstances is faulty and lacking in balance.

Letter 6

The best teaching will rely – not on the will of the teacher – the ‘because I say so’ attitude –
but on a systematic reference in every circumstance to ‘brotherly love’ and the equal rights of
At the same time, a child should not be indoctrinated in ‘self-sacrifice’ since this type of caring
must be
willing and born only of the individual’s spiritual perceptions and goals.
Self-sacrifice is born of spiritual enlightenment, of a higher road to follow, of denial of the
little self to remove the ego barriers obstructing attunement with the universality of Divine
Consciousness. True enlightened Self-sacrifice brings a spiritual consciousness to the heights of
joy. There is no sense of loss in any form.
To better describe the reality of the soul and the ego, I want you to cup your hands together,
finger tips
touching finger tips and wrists together, leaving a space between your cupped hands. Your hands
represent the ‘human consciousness shell’ of a person – the ego.
The SPACE correctly represents the SOUL born of the ‘Father-Mother-Conscious-Life’ at the moment of
your conception. Whilst to human senses it appears to be ‘nothingness’, it is, in fact, an
off-shoot of the ALLNESS & WHOLENESS of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS out of which all created things have
taken form. Your hands with the space between represent the ‘I’.
Your right and left hands represent two potent forces of the magnetic ego-drive. They represent
forces of
‘bonding-rejection, but at the same time, quite rightly, they are the physical representation of
the physical energies known to science as magnetism – ‘Bonding and Repulsion’.
Bend back your right hand from the other one and visualise that you use this right hand to ‘get
what you want out of life’. It represents, also, what your human consciousness perceives as the
‘grasping’ attitude to life.
Give time to this exercise and fully realise your right hand represents the magnetic pull, the
bonding, the attraction, the gravity evident in all of nature. It is the source of all ‘wanting’
and ‘desiring’. It is the magnetic impulse which is always directed at getting what is
necessary or greatly desired and pleasurable in life. This magnetic impulse is ‘spiritually
intended’ to be directed towards constructive purposes. Gaining, holding, building, achieving.
Were there no other people or living things in the world, the magnetic impulse could have full sway
in a personality and no harm done.
It is only when ‘other people’ or living creatures or other people’s persons and possessions have
to be taken into account, that the uncontrolled ‘magnetic impulse to attract, draw, bond, hold,
possess’ becomes a sickness of the personality, if it is not equally balanced with the needs of
all other living things.
Return your hand to its original place – cupped with the left hand.
Now pull back your left hand and visualise that this hand represents the ‘magnetic impulse’ to
repel, push away, slap, or defend yourself from any unauthorised encroachment on your property or
possessions or any attack on your character, family, or work. This left hand represents the
‘magnetic impulse of rejection’ which is ‘spiritually intended’ to ensure your privacy and save
your life. It is a legitimate weapon when your physical or emotional survival is at stake – always
providing you remember that your every action is an electro-magnetic/activity-binding/repulsion
blue-print in consciousness which rebounds and externalises eventually in the form of a similar
attack on the self.

Letter 6

The unpleasantness may be criticism from your parent, teacher, employer, and the words of
self-defence which spring to mind and jump out of your mouth are ego-words wholly given to
self-defence, expressing the magnetic drive of repulsion and rejection. And as your ego words of
attack flare up into angry speech, so is the ego of your critic similarly threatened and it also
rises up in him/her as words of self-defence against you. What may have started out as a necessary
and adult action of ‘pointing out some error and a better way to do’, is frequently immediately
seen by a self-centred sensitive ego, as a personal attack. What should have been a moment of
growth, develops into a time of conflict, anger, possibly tears, ongoing resentment and mutual
In such swift unexpected unnecessary ways, conflict is generated in the mind, expressed in words –
even actions, and perpetuated through resentment and hatred.
Remember that every activity of the mind – the mental thought and the emotional reactions of
attraction and repulsion are all consciousness energies of creativity. These consciousness
energies not only create the unpleasant rebound forms, but they develop the direction of the
character and even affect relationships generally and the environment ... and they reduce the
life vitality of the body, leading directly to a sense of physical malaise, viral infection or
long term disease.
The higher way, when under attack of any kind – a way having only constructive repercussions – is
to remember you can instantly call upon DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS from which you will draw instant
protection in any eventuality. But this is only possible if you can move beyond the ‘magnetic ego
drive of resistance’ in the perfect assurance that DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS meets your every need.
Now return your left hand to its original position with the right hand.
Realise that throughout this exercise, the SPACE between your hands has remained the SPACE.
It has not been involved in any of the activity of the hands. And so is it with your SOUL when your
ego is busily at work, second by second, always and forever on the alert to fulfill your needs and
defend you from any unpleasantness. The DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS of your SOUL remains hidden although
It is always within you.
When I was on earth, I spoke to the people about ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’. I said it was within you.
So it is. It is your soul. It is the haven of equilibrium of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS which gave
you being as a future man or woman.
I greatly long to be able to put into your minds a broad view of your SOURCE of BEING to enable you
perceive a little more clearly your beginnings – from whence you have come.
You must also understand at all times that when I speak a word of description of THAT WHICH IS
TRULY UNKNOWABLE, I am, myself, standing in the very highest, infinitesimal frequencies of
vibration on the very edge of the GREAT UNIVERSAL EQUILIBRIUM out of which all things have drawn
their being and taken on their form.
If I speak of a mountain, a picture will come to your mind, but you will not know the immensity of
structure, the endurance of its rock, its ravines and peaks and caverns, the snow which caps it in
all seasons, the waterfalls cascading into pools when its glaciers melt. For you to gain a glimpse
of the grandeur of the mountain, I would have to go into a detailed description of its every nook
and cranny. Even after the most detailed verbal explanations, you would still have only imagined
mental pictures to draw on. You would still not KNOW the mountain.

Letter 6

If I speak of a hurricane, I can bring to your mind – trees bowing to the ground, bent by the
tremendous winds, walls crumbling, rafters broken, bricks and roofs flying, windows shattered, cars
overturned, great trees uprooted, but you will never know the force and the noise of that wind, the
crash of falling masonry, or the terror it generates in people’s hearts who have to endure it,
until you have experienced it for yourself. And so is it when I try to describe for you, ‘THAT’
It will only be after you have experienced all I have spoken about – for yourself – that you will
begin to gain some idea of what I am trying to tell you. Therefore, let no one who reads my Letters
dispute with another or deny the truth of what I am teaching you – or refute my words – for I tell
you truly that you cannot fully know what you have not experienced.
It is only those who will follow me in acceptance and faith into daily meditation, the cleansing of
consciousness, and impassioned prayer for enlightenment, who will eventually gain ever deepening
glimpses – then experiences – of what creation itself may access – Divine Consciousness.
You may ask what is the difference between Universal Consciousness and Divine Consciousness?
UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is the UNIVERSAL REALM of SPACE which none may enter or access,
since IT rests in a state of equilibrium and self-contained energy.
DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS is the re-union of the original IMPULSES within UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which
were released to become both the activity and the substance of creation at the moment of the BIG
These IMPULSES were explosively divided and then came together in a state of mutual restraint.
They were also destined to work forever in the created realm either separately, manifested as
energies, or together restrained in equilibrium. It is only this realm of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS that
science may penetrate.
Perhaps the following paragraph will explain this more clearly:


embodiment of


The WILL to create in mutual restraint with The PURPOSE to experience Itself.



Having given you this intellectual word description of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, you will not be
any closer to an appreciation of the sublime magnificence and grandeur of the Power, nor of the
beauty, joy, harmony, ecstasy contained in colour and sound beyond your dimension. It is only we
who have ascended in consciousness frequencies of vibration to the very portals or edges of the
equilibrium of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS who experience and can radiate the rapture of
self-awareness of true potential without desiring to fulfill it – the wondrous joy of personal
fulfilment without ‘lifting a finger’.

Letter 6

I use this last term metaphorically, since, although I retain my individuality, I am active in
consciousness only and am, in no way, physical any longer and have not been since my continuing
spiritual ascension in other dimensions after my death on the cross.
You may wonder how it is possible to have such enormous UNIVERSAL IMPULSES within a state of
equilibrium. They are in a state of equal and mutual restraint, the bonding, nurturing LOVE
IMPULSE holding, binding the creative, active WILL under control.
I can only explain this phenomenon in the following simple terms.

If you place the palm of one hand on top of the palm of the other, with finger tips of each hand
touching the wrist of the other hand and then try to separate them but still keep them tightly flat
on each other, you will gain some idea of the meaning of ‘equilibrium’ or ‘mutual restraint’.
Furthermore, you must realise that although your hands are apparently expressing a physical
phenomena, they are actually governed by and expressing IMPULSES emanating from your brain. In
addition, your brain may be the vehicle of expressing conscious ideas – impulses – but in fact,
the IMPULSE is the reality of all movement of any kind – not the physical brain which is only an
instrument of expression of such impulses.
I have given you only an intellectual account of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. How can I
describe for you the latent power, the magnificence of reverence, the rapture, the radiant joy,
the state of utter contentment and peace and harmony of Its Being?
Even if you can contemplate and realise that out of this IMMENSITY of CONSCIOUSNESS the
entire universe has drawn life and form, you cannot perceive more than an electron of the
vast, immeasurable Joyous Reality of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.
To fully understand the nature of creation: the reasons why the ego functions as it does, why
created entities feel the urges they feel, it must be understood that the NATURE and QUALITY of

RECESSES OF YOUR PSYCHE, which is the intermediary between the radiance of your soul and the
shadow self of ego.

To return to this transcendent state of glorious, beautiful, happy, harmonious being is your
soul’s deepest longing!
It is this enduring longing, this inborn unconscious recollection of equilibrium and peace, joy and
harmony, which, through the psyche, prompts the EGO to manipulate the environment on your behalf.
Its consistent purpose is to bring you back to your primal original state of glorious
ecstasy out of which you drew your soul, being and form.
But the ego can bring about your desired joy and pleasure, only by means of the two

‘Bonding-Rejection’ impulses – which are only materialised impulses to give you your individuality.

Letter 6

Therefore, the inborn longing to rejoin the SOURCE of BEING is experienced in the electromagnetic
parameters of thought and feeling as ‘More, more, more’ of what gave you a pleasurable feeling,
previously. More friends, more house, car, clothes, etc. Each time the ‘more’ has been achieved,
there is a little glow of satisfaction, perhaps a showing off to the neighbours to heighten the
happiness, (gaining one up on them, and another little glow), and then the novelty dies away, the
new possession becomes mundane, the senses are again at rest – in equilibrium – mental tiredness
sets in, routine becomes dull and boring. To generate some life, the ego finds another goal to be
achieved to provide excitement and pleasure. Thus, life is an endless chase for personal
satisfaction of various kinds leaving the hidden soul, starved, unsatisfied, still longing for
something ‘More’ – but what is it my deepest self is craving? You ask in desperation.
When a person reaches an understanding of the true source of emptiness and continual inner craving
‘more of what made me feel good before’, and begins to meditate to make contact with ...‘THAT’...
WHICH BROUGHT HIM/HER INTO BEING, a little of the Divine Equilibrium filters through the human
consciousness. The emptiness begins to recede.
If indeed such a person catches a true glimpse of the ETERNAL and the true goal in life, the
longing for
more possessions will eventually die a natural death. The desire for ‘More’ possessions will be
gradually replaced with a sincere appreciation of what you already have and a sense of consistent
contentment. Through experiences of the miraculous interventions or activity of DIVINE
CONSCIOUSNESS within the daily life, the human consciousness is greatly uplifted and learns that
its daily needs are met in the very best way. Faith is increased and joy enhanced.
This is why I have said to you: I have not come to teach you positive thinking to draw into your
orbit the things you want and need. I have come to you expressly to lead you back into the Kingdom
of Heaven. However, it is not only in the matter of desiring more possessions for yourself that
your soul is bound down within its secret dwelling place. The ego also uses the magnetic emotional
drive to ‘repel – reject’ to ensure your individuality, privacy, and safety. This impulse takes on
numerous forms designed to give you a feeling of superiority, or elitism, or protecting
you from people whom you consider to be undesirable, or having less social status than
yourself. This ego drive is practised continually and was thought to be perfectly acceptable even
by the churches. The truth is: when the soul begins to gain a little control over the ego drive, it
will chide the human personality for its selfishness and exclusivity. It will urge the psyche
towards the adoption of unconditional love and a belief in universality and Oneness of all people,
no matter who they may be.
Perhaps, now, you can more easily understand how and why the creation of your individuality through
the medium of the ego, formed the great ‘physical impulses’ capsule which produced and enclosed
your human consciousness – creating both your physical form and your human personality. Since it
governs your mind and emotions, thoughts and feelings, it prevents you from making contact with the
SOURCE of your LIFE and your SOUL.
YOUR TRUE PURPOSE in life is to gain the mastery of your ego by reaching out in thought and feeling
to ... ‘THAT’... WHICH YOU SENSE IS BEHIND CREATION and consistently asking for enlightenment. This
is the very first step a person must take towards that glorious moment when he/she will make
contact with the DIVINE and then move forward by means of continual cleansing of the ego-drive, to
the re-entry into that ‘heavenly state’ out of which your soul was born and took its individuality.

Letter 6

And how did this CREATION of INDIVIDUALITY come about?
As I said before, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS reached a high point of mutual restraint and an
explosion took place which tore apart the:
which separated and became active within creation as:
Father Intelligence : Mother Love
seen as

Electricity : Magnetism ‘Bonding – Repulsion’
! Life
Re-unified in equilibrium as
Therefore, far from being solid and imponderable ‘matter’, – in reality – the visible world is:
Mind/activity working always in conjunction with emotional/magnetic Bonding – Repulsion. Also known
as ‘Attraction – Rejection’.
Father Intelligence: physical electricity and
Mother Love: physical magnetic ‘Bonding – Rejection together produced a child – the EGO.
was born and took undeviating and consistent form within the energies of creation to ensure
that the various electrical forces expressed as protons and electrons and the rest of the
‘particle gang’ excitedly discovered by science, should not fly off uninterruptedly into a distant
‘formless state’ but should be restrained and controlled by the magnetic ‘bonding rejection’
IMPULSE of Mother Love to bring about manifested form.
Science may dispute the foregoing paragraphs, since it has been at great pains to describe the
various ‘bonding processes’ by applying differing word-terms to the ‘bonding’ energies.
Science is welcome to call the ‘bonding or attraction energies’ by any term they wish, but the fact
remains that these energies have taken on form from the grand and primal IMPULSE of MOTHER LOVE,
whose PRIMAL CONSCIOUSNESS function is to give form to individuality.
The IMPULSE of ‘Father Intelligent Life’ gives electrical momentum to creation.
The IMPULSE of ‘Mother Loving Purposefulness’ gives the ‘bonding’ to restrain the electrical
momentum and bring it under control within the individuality.
The IMPULSE of ‘Mother Loving Purposefulness’ gives the ‘repulsion-rejection’ impulse to ensure the
survival of the individuality.
That – is the process of creation.

Letter 6

Science can only approach creation as a spectator. Although its ambassadors are human
and experience life for themselves, the human mind can only observe what has been created. It
cannot enter into the intimate processes of creation hidden within ‘matter’ and the most basic
fields of energy.
Science will never be able to pinpoint the MOTIVATING FACTOR X which gives rise to the energies
which are in control of the creation of individual form.
But what science has to say on the matter of creation is of little moment to you as an individual.

Science will not change your life-style, health, environment, personal feelings and achievements
one iota. What you need to know – and what I have come expressly to tell you – is how to escape the
selfish possessive-protective drive given you by the EGO to ensure your individuality and survival
and your inbuilt longing to return to the joy and happiness out of which all creation took LIFE.
This provides you with the reason why I originally came to earth and am coming to you at this
present time – to do something that no scientist can ever do for you – help your soul emerge from
the confines of your ego-drive and embark on a new programme of ‘thought-emotional-living’
which will directly express the ‘Father-Mother-Consciousness Life’ injected into you and all
humanity at the moment of conception.
Because the ego itself possesses the electric momentum of Activity-Creativity and the
emotional magnetic impulses of ‘Bonding-Rejection’, whatever is born of the ‘ego-drive’ by its
thoughts, feelings and actions, is charged with physical electro-magnetic life which will produce
replica life forms and will be eventually materialised within the life of the ego-creator.
These created forms not only manifest eventually as experiences but also disturb the functioning of
the physical processes of their creator and are the origin of physical discomforts or viruses or
disease. Therefore, is it a great cause for rejoicing when the soul emerges from its
encapsulating human consciousness of the ego, for the ascending spiritual consciousness will
create the harmonious life-giving conditions it holds in consciousness. Conversely, it is a cause
for sorrow whilst the human consciousness is submerged in ego control, producing upsets, trials and
tribulations both in life experiences and the physical condition itself.
Therefore, I tell you: if you do not like your world, you have it within your power to change

‘conditions of existence’, right where you are – if you have the faith and consistent will to do
so. I repeat in another form to gain your attention:
If you continue in your present level of human functioning and thought, you will only experience
your present level of human existence.
You will be bound down to working hard for a paltry living, beset by numerous problems, such as
poverty and ill-health, addictions, immobilised by prostrating fear, and exposed to
illintentioned attacks of all kinds.
You will be burdened by present conditions until you understand how to change them.

This is your golden opportunity to take control of your lives as never before, by getting control
of your thoughts and emotions – your electrical and magnetic impulses – the blue-prints
of your future experiences.

Letter 6

For – you are like potters possessing clay and daily shaping pots and utensils for your use.
CONSCIOUSNESS is the clay – the substance with which you make your lives – and every condition
pertaining to it. You, alone, shape your lives into the forms you experience.
By your thoughts, you can change your personal future, if you will but heed my words, understand
your true origins, believe in them and use this knowledge in your daily routine.
You can affect your environment, your homes, families, work, the people you associate with, and
even plants, animals, and climate.
Whatever you hold steadfastly in mind externalises.
Therefore, it is crucial to your spiritual and your personal human development to fully understand
all I am trying to teach you.
Do not think that these Letters presented to you are too difficult to understand and then move on
to some more easy way of finding happiness.
Believe me – there is no TRUE and more easy way for you to find the equilibrium and happiness you
seek – because my words describe the UNIVERSAL TRUTH OF EXISTENCE and the LIFE with which you are
presently building or destroying your lives.

At the same time – rest assured that you will never be able to create new conditions for yourself
until you discover WHY and HOW you have been creating destructive and negative conditions in the
past. Everything you are presently experiencing, you have created and set in motion by former
thoughts, words, actions in the past. So do not resent your present circumstances, for you yourself
have done whatever was the cause of your present conditions.
Be sensible, therefore, and read these Letters and devote all your strength and will to discover
the means you have used (in former ignorance) to spoil your life in days gone by.
Then take the necessary steps to clean out your consciousness. You may ask: Why should I clean out
my consciousness?
I tell you – YOU would never plant a field of mealies without first putting in the plough to turn
the ground, and then the equipment to make a fine textured soil and scatter the fertiliser. In
ignorance, you could plant amongst the existing weeds in lumpy ground and omit the fertiliser and
your crop would be thin and patchy. So is it when you muddle along in your earthly self-centred
thoughts and live entirely in your own human knowledge, strength and will. You are limited in
everything you do. And, all unknowingly, you create the very circumstances which will limit the
harvest of your endeavours.
The moment that you realise from whence you have truly come,
Seek the Power on which you may draw to accomplish every single thing in your life, and take urgent
steps to clear out the weeds,
thus purifying the soil of your consciousness, you will draw on the POWER
which will imbue and prosper your daily experiences and activities.
You could say the POWER is your fertiliser but this would be completely inaccurate and false.

Letter 6

Fertiliser is inanimate chemical food for the plant – whereas the POWER on which you can draw
through daily meditation, is the LIFE which will invigorate your entire being, your life and even
your plants, and the bricks of your houses and your equipment far beyond your present belief.
People who have given their entire willpower to living this Truth, see the undeniable
fruitage in their lives and the ‘seeing’ increases their faith and determination. Thus do
they enter a circle of blessedness. They marvel that other people can resist this truth and choose
to remain outside the spiritual and earthly harmony in which it is possible to live.
If you are prepared to listen and ponder and meditate on the following pages, you
will begin to understand what has been hidden from the beginning of creation.


Whilst doing all of the very necessary work of mental/emotional cleansing, use my words in the
foregoing pages, describing ... ‘THAT’... WHICH HAS BROUGHT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD INTO VISIBLE
BEING to build up an awareness and contact with ITS powerful DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. Out of that
contact will come the inspiration and strength to accomplish the cleansing more swiftly. As the
cleansing takes place, you will experience new found happiness and fulfilment in every area of your
You will also receive inspired directions in regard to your daily lives, either during your
meditation or like a ray of light in your mind when you are at peace and thinking of some mundane
matter. If you do not discount or reject these directions but follow them – faithfully and
carefully – you will be taking your first steps to becoming, eventually, a great and successful
planter and reaper of creative ideas in your environment. Everything connected to you will blossom,
flourish and prosper. Everything will respond and bless you with newness of life.
If you discipline yourself in meditating daily with undeviating devotion, you will eventually begin
to feel a response and inflow of THAT WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING, and the words you are using
will take on new meaning. The words will be imbued with UNIVERSAL LIFE.
You will be filled with joy and will rejoice exceedingly, because you will then KNOW the power is
real and active in your mind and life.
You will come to rely ever more confidently on the power beginning to be manifested in your
affairs. You will want to draw others into your state of blessed harmony for other people
will be aware of It and ask you about It. Not only this – you will be experiencing a new kind of
brotherly love and will want to share what makes you happy, with other people.
I cannot emphasize this Truth enough, this need to meditate, since so many people give up the
search and the self-discipline of daily listening before they have fully cleansed their
consciousness and arrived at that state of inner purification so necessary to making perfect
contact with the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS – the Source of your Being.
When you do make contact – seeming miracles happen! This is the commencement of the Universal
Power taking on form and shape in your soul, body, mind, heart, and circumstances.
I tell you truly – you may trust my words implicitly – if you persevere, there will come a moment
when you actually feel the contact, and know that you have made contact.
You have then reached a most crucial time in your spiritual/human development!

Letter 6

For a few hours so many souls feel uplifted and joyful but then the daily cares intrude into their
minds, and they intellectualise the experience. They explain it away in human terms.

Do not do this – for you will lose what you have been given! You will greatly delay your spiritual

If you read these words and are afraid to believe them, or believe they are foolishness, or feel
you will lose prestige if you believe them – you are making a creative form in consciousness which
will negate any constructive response you may have originally had to this Letter.

So I say to you – cherish your moments of belief, preserve your special times of contact with ...
‘THAT’... WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING, believe in them, and hold them fast in your consciousness
and gradually you will move forward on to the heights of ‘spiritual’ consciousness – to great
insight and joy.

Again, I say, do not put these Letters to one side. I cannot sufficiently emphasize your need to
think about them, recall what they have to say. If you cannot remember, then return and read them
yet again, and yet again, and yet again, until they have been absorbed into your consciousness.
The more you meditate on them daily, so will they be clarified in your mind and will come to have
ever greater meaning for you. Eventually, you will find that they have been like food and drink,
building up your morale and determination to help change your present conditions into those of
harmony, widespread growth, prosperity and peace.
Great inspiration & joy will be yours when you come to realise that the immensity of ‘That

Brought You into Being’ is radiant, rapturous ecstatic Power – beyond your present capacity to
dream and imagine – It is Reality –
IT is the SOURCE of BEING – the SOURCE of everything that you see in your natural living world and
in many levels of existence beyond the one you presently inhabit.
When you are abundantly receiving Divine Consciousness into your mind, yourself, into every facet

your existence, then you will begin to see the enormous difference, you will look back at the times
of stress and unhappiness and see that gradually the limitations of your life will have yielded to
greater blessedness. This becomes an ongoing process in your life.
Be of good heart – It is truly I, the Christ, who is reaching out to YOU and the world through
the medium of these Letters.
I particularly want to impress on your minds the way I have deliberately made statements in the
past pages to lift your thoughts to a higher level of consciousness, depicting the benefits to be
derived from working to elevate your consciousness by ridding it of the negative traits mentioned
on page 1.
I want you to realise fully that I have only come to help you rid your self of the undesirable
driven thoughts and emotions presently controlling your mind. I am also here expressly to
encourage and ‘help you’ – yes, ‘help you’ – develop within your mind and heart all the love-
based thoughts and emotions which will bring you into harmony with Divine Consciousness. It is

Letter 6 my most urgent and loving purpose to bring you out of the grey shades of existence
which you presently inhabit – into the ‘sunshine’ of spiritual enlightenment that awaits you when
you have conquered the ego-drives, become unified with your soul and ‘Father-Mother-Life’ and
moved into the harmony of unconditional love for all.
Therefore, I will repeat the list of negative characteristics set out on page 1. I want you to read
them carefully and watch your own reactions and feelings as you go through them slowly.
Criticism, sarcasm, judgmentalism, rejection, denigration, enmity, intolerance, hatred, jealousy,
aggression, violent impulses, thieving, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, slander –

How do you begin to get rid of any of those you know to be part of your consciousness?
Do not be too ashamed to face up to them, since you are a human being and have been born under the
influence of these characteristics of the ego. So do not be too afraid or too downcast to face up
to them. Take the first step in total honesty – and write them down.
The second step is to take the sheet of paper and lie down and place it on your chest. Close your
eyes and reach out in thought to the Divine Reality – your Source of Being, which you should now
realise is your Loving Procreator – your true ‘Spiritual Father-Mother’ – which radiates
unstintingly and continually and consistently – UNCONDITIONAL PARENTING LOVE.
Give time to quietening your mind until you feel that you are moving beyond your own consciousness.
Then ask, in perfect faith, and expect an immediate answer, since you are operating in
consciousness, for help in removing, dissolving, overcoming the false and unnecessary rejection
ego-drives in all the days to come.
Emotionally, you make it clear to your ‘Spiritual Father’ or ‘Divine Reality’ – and
therefore to yourself – that you want no more of these ego-negatives in your consciousness. You
ask for the inspiration and strength to make every effort to avoid or deny them, from that day

By following this course of action, you are creating a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS FORM which now begins to
infiltrate and take over your present consciousness.
now becomes your reality.
The former negative characteristics written on your piece of paper and taken to your ‘Spiritual
Father’ are now in a limbo of rejection in your consciousness. This conscious rejection is also the
means of drawing Divine Power into your consciousness to help you strengthen your resolve and
remembrance to discard any impulses which may erupt from the rejected characteristics.
Therefore, as you can probably see – the surrender and meditation have set in motion unseen work in
consciousness of which you will probably be unaware until you later wake up to the fact that the
characteristics have disappeared.
I would earnestly urge you to take the paper of characteristics into meditation several times. Each
time you do so, you draw into your own consciousness, a further injection of
‘Father-Mother-Consciousness Life’ power into your purpose of overcoming and
ridding your consciousness of unwanted consciousness forms and forces.

Letter 6

When they have been dissolved, they will no longer draw into your circumstances the negative and
unhappy shadows which plagued you before. You will be travelling a higher path to freedom.
As you progress, you will come to perceive little faults of consciousness in your mind and heart
which never seemed to be wrong before, and when this happens, you must go through the same
procedure of writing them down and taking them in utter faith to your ‘Spiritual Father’.
Now, there is one more thing you must do to complete this re-building of your consciousness. In
place of
criticism, sarcasm, judgementalism, rejection, denigration, enmity, intolerance, hatred, jealousy,

aggression, violent impulses, thieving, falsehoods, double and devious dealings, slander –

you must write down on a piece of paper – in gold letters if possible, to give you a sense of
beauty and glow about the attributes – the golden qualities of Divine Consciousness of which you
want to be possessed by – and to express – in future.
To be in perfect harmony with your ‘Divine Reality’ – your ‘Spiritual Father’ – each attribute will

founded on unconditional love and will promote the highest good of others.

For no longer will you seek to put others down in order to make yourself feel greater and more
self- confident. Your entire consciousness will be directed to affirming other people and building
up everything within your orbit. You will seek to nourish, nurture, teach, protect, maintain,
fulfill the needs of others, and seek to lovingly establish order out of chaotic mindless actions.
Having written your golden aspirations on your sheet of paper, again lie down and reach out to

‘Divine Reality’ and ask that the beautiful impulses – the nature of the Divine may gradually
spread through your mind and heart and become your own consciousness. When this happens, your soul
will be like a baby chick pecking and pecking, breaking its shell to emerge into the wonder of the
great big world to be united with mother hen, patiently waiting for her child to re-join her. This
is how it is with me and all other Christed souls. We wait and watch and help the people who long
to find out the cause of their emptiness of spirit, who set their hearts on transcending earthly
occupations, whose minds are being drawn to higher purposes in life, and who dream of coming into
perfect attunement with their own souls and their DIVINE SOURCE OF BEING. We yearn with love over
the spiritual travellers more than the travellers even suspect. This means that we yearn with love
over you who are reading this Letter.
When you are again united with your Source of Being, you will have achieved your true purposes
on earth. You will have accomplished your true mission in eternity. And now – let your REAL LIFE
begin! You will have entered the Kingdom of Heaven!
I will not tell you what qualities to write for your new consciousness – these must come out of
your present perceptions of the highest and best. Again study the Divine Nature of Divine
Consciousness which I perceived so clearly in the desert and described for you in Letter 1.
Let this Divine Nature become your own nature.

I want you to know that when you embark on this journey in true sincerity, I will be at your side
in every eventuality. It is my dearest wish that you will come to know that I am with you and that
I am sending you support and strength in your quest to become unified with your ‘Divine Reality’.

Letter 6


I am now about to speak to you about more mundane affairs and as you read the following pages, I
want you to review what is happening to your mood or feeling of well-being.
This is still an exercise in the recognition of what is happening in your consciousness as your
thoughts change and you employ a new set of words.
Please read the next pages very carefully, whether or not you are a professing Christian, even
though you may be strongly tempted to skip them. Write down your responses, ideas, feelings –
particularly any changing feelings of depression or pleasure.
Make a note of the number of the page when the words begin to lighten your mood and lift you on to
a higher plane of peace and happiness.
This is a most important exercise, for, unless you do it, you will continue to read

‘consciousness’ for ever, but will never reach a deep understanding how it is the basic energy of
your existence, of ‘matter’, your body and environment, your life events, your MOODS and your
spiritual aspirations.
You will not begin to realise that CONSCIOUSNESS is the be-all and everything in your existence
and experience – until you notice how ‘ideas and opinions’ can raise or lower the frequencies of
vibration of your consciousness.
I want you to become aware of the words you use in your daily lives, the quality of life they
create for you, and the impact they make on others – either lifting their moods into peace and joy
or leaving them depressed and depleted.

Furthermore, it is my earnest intention to reach those of you who are presently adherents of the
Christian religion and are struggling with past or present religious conditioning, thus finding it
difficult to extricate your perceptions from dogma in order to move freely within the finer
frequencies of vibration of higher spiritual knowledge.

You may be fearing damnation if you even read these pages – and yet they have a drawing power for
you and you intuitively feel that you are reading about the TRUTH of EXISTENCE which you have not
been taught by your ministers. You are torn by your pressing need to know the Truth and your fear
of displeasing ‘God’ in whatever form you presently perceive ‘Him’ to be.

• I, the CHRIST, am well aware of the distress these Letters are causing to many sincere people and

I long to bring you through your disquiet to perfect peace of mind and joy.

For this reason, it is an absolute necessity to first analyse your present beliefs and the origins
of church doctrines before continuing to teach you the deeper Truth about the ‘nature’ of the
Universal and the nature of man himself.
To fully understand the origins of Christian doctrine, you must travel back in time to the
beginnings of Judaism and there find the ‘rationalisations’ of the human mind which struggled to
define in words what was felt intuitively to be a probable source of being.

Letter 6

Those of you who are struggling to free yourselves of past myths and erroneous beliefs, must now
come to clearly perceive for yourselves – and understand – the fundamental difference between
‘church belief’ and the TRUTH of EXISTENCE I am presently attempting to explain to you.
Until you can clearly discern the ‘origin and form of your present beliefs’, you will not be able
to shake yourselves completely free of the illusions of your past conditioning within the church.
You will have a
‘foot in both camps’ – a dangerous position to be in. This state of mind will give rise to great
mental conflict and may cause you to abandon the search and return to the old, comfortable,
emotionally secure religious forms which are leading you nowhere. So beware and do not allow
yourselves to be intimidated by threats of displeasing ‘God’ and likely damnation.


Therefore, we will begin with a description of the origins of a belief in ‘God’, a name which has
meant many different things to mankind. This belief began when the ancient Hebrews walked the
desert plains and questioned the origins of creation. It was imagined that in some way the SOURCE
of CREATION must surely be a ‘superhuman man-god’ invisible and far transcendent to earth and human
kind. Some of the ancient prophets were mystically aware that the Source of Creation was diffuse
and present – in some way – throughout creation and was also sited in the eternal dimension but
this mysticism was not available to the average human mind.
You must also understand that, despite the present ‘seeming reality’ (in your minds) of such a
‘God’ from your readings in the Bible, no one has ever glimpsed such a ‘superhuman
man-god’ in any form whatsoever, except, perhaps, Moses who claimed he saw Him in a ‘burning
bush’ and described Himself as ‘I am that I am’.
All that people have known of such a super-human ‘god’ has been derived from reading the colourful
descriptions of ‘God’ given by prophets during their sojourn on earth. It is a hallmark of how
illusory are religious beliefs that religionists return only to the ancients for their ‘truth’
since they cannot believe that
‘God’ is truly real, eternal and equally able to speak to people in your day and age.
Your ministers are terrified of any beliefs which do not meld into the old ones. They
never consider – or are afraid to consider – that perhaps spiritual knowledge within the
earthly dimension – is evolutionary!
I want you to ‘see’ that a ‘fabric of belief’, a mixture of rationalisations and beliefs has been
concocted to make a web of mental/emotional security with which to enmesh and trap the minds and
hearts of people. All that people are taught in the Christian faith is emotionally-based
and emanates from ‘hearsay’, derived from early reports of my life and death on earth. Yet these
are believed fanatically.
Christians are taught that: ‘God is Love – and God is aware of your sin and punishes,
disciplines, rewards the doers of good and sends misfortunes to the evil-doers’. This is an exact
description of human activity and consciousness!
Christians are taught that I, the Christ, in the persona of Jesus ‘died for the sins of the world’.

I was the ‘unblemished Lamb of God sacrificed to pay the price for people’s sinning’! I made a
supreme sacrifice of myself to accomplish this strange feat of ‘payment of sin’ down the ages.

Letter 6

I again entered my body after death by crucifixion and appeared many times in the body to comfort
and teach my mourning disciples. I even ate food during my appearance to them.

After forty days, I ascended out of sight of my disciples, taking my body up into ‘heaven’.
As I asked in Letter 3 – what would I do with a human body in ‘heaven’ – in the life beyond?

Because I said at my last supper with my disciples that they should remember my last meal with them
by breaking bread and passing it to each other, and should each drink from the same cup of wine,
and remember that my body was crucified and my blood spilt to bring them truth of being, this
incident was converted into the bizarre belief that with pomp and ceremony at the altar, my body
was transferred to wafers which communicants should swallow with all due reverence.
My body! What good would my ‘body’ – spiritualised or not – do for the communicant?
Can you see how the mind can be conditioned into accepting illogical nonsense which can endure
almost two thousand years because it was backed by a great hierarchy of Pope, Cardinals living in
palaces, immense wealth, and upheld in earthly pomp and ceremonious prestigious circumstances?

I want you to know the truth about that fateful night – what you call my Last Supper.
Though painful to do so, for the sake of greater clarity, I have brought myself
down in consciousness frequencies of vibration right into the conscious recollection of my
thoughts and feelings during my last meal with my disciples.
Although a strong man, enlightened, and certain that I had a destiny to fulfill which I could not
avoid – did not want to avoid – I was also deeply sorrowful as we commenced our meal – the
eating of the Passover. My disciples had been my friends and had stood by me during some
difficult circumstances. I was sad to be leaving them and fearful for their well-being.
What would happen to them when they found themselves alone without my guidance and
protection? They had depended on me more than they knew.
I recalled my years teaching the people. I felt a deep sense of irony as I remembered my return
from the desert – dirty and unkempt but literally possessed by my joyous concern for my
fellowmen, and intensely excited that I could now put their feet to the right path, implant in
their minds the truth concerning existence, show them how to overcome their fears, their
sickness, poverty, misery. I was going to conquer the world!
But how differently it had all turned out! Tomorrow I would hang on a cross!
It was true, however – I had achieved much success. I mused over the instances of healing and
the people’s joyful acceptance of the ‘Loving Father’. I could understand why the High Priest and
the Council hated me. Instead of fear, punishment, and animal sacrifices, I had brought the people
the reality of the ‘Father Love’, proving it by healing terminal cases.
I brought my attention back to my disciples who were talking to each other whilst eating. They
were still unaware of the challenge that lay ahead of me – my crucifixion. Although I
had repeatedly warned them, they refused to accept my words as truth. They thought I had
become frightened of the Chief Priest and wondered why.

Letter 6

I had extricated myself from threatening situations before.
As was customary at the Passover, they were speaking about the circumstances surrounding the
escape of the Israelites from Egypt. John, who was highly imaginative, was giving them
a colourful account of Moses calling together the Israelites and telling them that, at last, they
would finally leave Egypt and escape from their life of slavery into freedom in the desert!
For this reason, Moses directed the head of each family to kill an unblemished lamb and with
handfuls of herbs, paint the blood of it on the door posts of their dwelling. Moses said
that angels would come at night and fly through Egypt killing the first born of all Egyptians
and stock, leaving only the first born of the Israelites who would be saved by the blood on their
door posts.
As I listened to them, and saw their smiles and nods of acknowledgement of this ‘wondrous’
happening, I realised with a pang of anguish how little they truly understood my description of the
‘Heavenly Father’. I heard John’s words concerning: Blood, blood, blood – blood of
the unblemished lamb, blood on the doorposts, blood of the Egyptian children and livestock. As
ever, I marvelled at the centuries old Jewish preoccupation with blood, and briefly remembered
that Abraham was even prepared to sacrifice his only son, intending to slaughter and offer him as
a sacrifice because he believed God had told him to do so. I then thought of the daily
animal sacrifices in the Temple! To me, the entire concept of ‘blood-letting’ as a way of paying
for ‘sin’ was an absolute abomination.
But I remained silent and did not argue with the men. I realised that their minds were filled
with these traditions, as solid and enduring as rock. This was our last supper together, our last
meal all at one table. It should be a time of peace between us and a loving farewell.
Doubly momentous for my disciples because the Passover was so sacred an event for their
Jewish minds and this I would have to accept in the spirit of love and understanding.
Previously, I had not celebrated the Passover since the tradition sickened me. I preferred to go
into the hills quietly to meditate, leaving my disciples to eat the Passover with their families.
Because of my previous attitudes, they did not wonder at my present silence.
Now, I half lay, half sat, unable to relax as I usually did – tense, wrought up,
compassionately warm towards my disciples – yet half annoyed with them.
I wondered how I might leave these confused, somnolent followers an effective token of
remembrance – some ritual to bring back to their muddled minds all that I had tried to teach them.
I wanted to shake them out of their sanguinity.
As I listened to their talk about Moses and his various miraculous activities, it came to me that
if they were so pre-occupied with blood – then blood I would give them to remember me by.
I bent over the table and picked up a loaf of bread and broke it into several pieces and said
quite roughly: ‘I am like your Passover Lamb. Pass it around, take your share, eat, and do
this in remembrance of me who has brought you the only real TRUTH the world has ever heard.
Let this bread be a symbol of my body which is about to be broken on the cross.’ They stopped
talking and stared at me. ‘Go on, eat!’ I told them.
As in a dream, they quietly took some bread and passed it around, chewing a little of it.
I then picked up the large goblet of wine and told them to drink from it and pass it round.

Letter 6

‘This wine is a symbol of my blood. I came to give you the TRUTH. Truth about God – Truth about
life. But I have been rejected. My blood will flow for you.’
Again, in silence, they drank from the goblet and passed it to the next man. Their faces
were strained but they said nothing. It was obvious that all were shaken by my words and did
not like them.
I knew that Judas had been given money to point me out to the Chief Priest’s soldiers when the
moment was right. I knew, also, that the night of the Passover was to be the night. I said to
‘Go quickly and do what you have to do.’
Judas looked at me for a long moment and I saw the pain and indecision in his eyes. He was
having second thoughts but my time had come and I wanted to get it over and done with.
‘Go,’ I said harshly. Judas got up and left the room.
The disciples were amazed at the way I had spoken and asked what it was he was going to do?
‘He is going to the Chief Priest to tell him where to find me. They are going to crucify me – just
I’ve told you.’
I looked at the various expressions on their faces, doubt, shock, horror, with a degree of
painful cynicism. Then there was an outpouring of resentful interrogation. What would happen to
them? They had left home and family for me. They would be losing a life of freedom and security if
I were crucified like a common felon.
I said they would abandon me. They vehemently denied such a thing – but they did.
I was too tired to argue with them, and I had grown so strong, so secure in the knowledge that
‘Father’ was within – and with me at all times, I could afford to forgive their disloyalty.
And, at the end of it all, I would be released from my body and able to ascend into the realms
of Light I had so often sensed but never fully seen with earthly vision. It was a thought
bringing me deep comfort and a happy sense of expectation.
So I smiled at them and said: ‘It is good you have done what I asked in commemoration of me –
and of my death yet to come. Continue to break bread and drink wine together, remembering I
have ever loved you and will remain with you in spirit until you join me where I go. Do not
fear, you will be guided, you will be inspired, you will be made strong, and you will speak
with clear, clear voices.
‘My only warning is this. In the future, much that I have taught you will be forgotten. Much
that I
have told you will be reasoned away by human thinking or distorted by human myths.’ Then there
was panic and a clamour: ‘How will this be?’
I smiled and raised my hands. ‘I have told you what will happen in the distant future.
‘Meanwhile, be true to all I have taught you and do not doubt any word I have spoken.’
Then it was time to go to the garden of Olives, the place where the Chief Priest’s soldiers would
seek me.
My disciples wanted to ask more questions – but now I had reached the end of my speech with
men. I wanted only to prepare myself in total silence for my ordeal, moving in spirit into a
state of secure, consistent attunement and communication with the ‘Father’.

Letter 6

We walked to the garden and I retreated to my favourite rock. Sheltered from the wind, I sat
down and pulled my cloak around me. Closing my eyes, gradually I felt myself moving into a great
inner stillness of spirit and a powerful silence. Then the Power Itself descended and pressed in
on me and possessed my mind and heart. It filled me with such supreme love that I knew I
was supported and sustained in love, and could retain my love for all, no matter what happened to
me. That was all that mattered now that my hour had come.

That is the truth behind the breaking of bread and drinking of wine in commemoration of me, my life
and teachings. And as you, who are reading this Letter know, all that the ‘Father’ gave me to know
my last night on earth, has come to pass.
Because I spoke of the ‘Father’, the ‘Son’ and the ‘Holy Spirit’, the church decided at the Council
Nicene that I must have been referring to ‘Three Persons in One’. Consequently, people pray to the
‘Father’ to ask for benefits, implore the ‘Holy Spirit’ to instruct them spiritually and pray to
the ‘Son’ to save them from their sins.
Can you begin to ‘see’ how ‘earthy and humanly conceived’ are these beliefs? Can you also see how
‘emotionally based’ they are?
Because of the emotionalism and the promise of a ‘free trip to heaven on the heels of the Saviour’,
the beliefs have become a humanly conceived religious structure to enshrine an empire of Church
within earthly empires – Rome, Austria, Spain. They have been the excuse for wholesale torture, and
death by burning and execution of dissidents. They have inspired wars between nations.
But the ‘spiritual perception’ and ‘creativity’ arising out of some of the beliefs have also
contributed much to existence in the past two millennia.
These beliefs have been the reasons for building of cathedrals and churches, monasteries and
convents, giving people a stable purpose, the ability to express their artistic gifts and provided
work for the less talented. The beliefs have also directed millions of people’s consciousness
towards the higher realms of beautiful thought and love. They have even been the impetus behind
mysticism and enlightenment when spiritual souls have come to see the Reality previously hidden by
the beliefs.
Whilst this has been happening, the beliefs have also created the conditions for the development
of echelons of religious superiority and immeasurable grandeur and wealth. These are humanly
conceived and created edifices of ‘ego-impulses’ and are therefore, from a spiritual standpoint –
entirely spurious. THE TRUTH REGARDING ‘SIN’
It must also be understood that down the centuries, people perceived that facets of human behaviour
were detrimental to the welfare of others. They witnessed killing, stealing another’s wife and
possessions, causing much pain and grief in the community, making life difficult and at times,
intolerable. It was reasoned that surely this behaviour must be contrary to the will of what they
termed ‘God’. They gave this behaviour the name of ‘sin’ and termed it ‘evil’. Eventually, their
prophets reasoned that such aberrant behaviour must emanate from an ‘evil’ force opposed to ‘God’
and they called it ‘Satan’.
They threatened and punished each other in the belief that ‘sins’ were evil and that their ‘God’
would punish men for their wrongdoing against each other. This behaviour is practised to
this day in the churches. Ministers try to control people by fear.

Letter 6

THE CONCEPT OF ‘SIN’ against Jehovah, the Eternal and infinitely Mighty Creator, was a clever and
powerful method of controlling other people!
The church beliefs are a tragic travesty of all that I tried to teach the people in Palestine.
Moses first enshrined the belief in ‘sin’ and ‘punishment’ in the form of the Ten Commandments.
Moses said that they were given to him by ‘God’ and that if the Israelites broke them they would
have to suffer the penalty – in some cases, this meant death by stoning. They were taught that by
breaking the Laws, the Israelites would be sinning against their ‘God’.
The exact truth is, Moses went to the mountain to pray for a means by which to control the unruly
Israelites. In answer to this prayer – the Ten Commandments were inspirationally given to him to
help him in his task of bringing the Israelites safely through their desert sojourn with the least
degree of trouble-making.
Religionists are happy to accept and wholeheartedly believe in a ‘God’ which reputedly instructed
Moses to engage in aggressive procedures and massacres when conquering the ‘promised land’. A
beautiful and productive land was callously grabbed from hard working people who were slain in
their thousands. This was regarded as the right thing to do since ‘God’ had promised them a
beautiful land in which to settle. To this day, religionists believe that since ‘God’ spoke to
Moses, it must be ‘God’ who decreed the ensuing bloodshed. There are many similar horrific
descriptions of war and bloodshed in your Bible considered permissible – just and right – because
it was believed that ‘God’ had instructed them to go to war – against Gentiles.
Can you not see in the history of the Jews, the rampant EGO-DRIVE in which even ‘God’ is ‘used’ to
exempt them from blame? In the moment of self-aggrandisement, it became permissible and equitable
to ignore the Ten Commandments and indulge in wholesale massacre.
They believed no sin was involved because the killing had been ordained by ‘God’. What a ‘God’!
Can you not also perceive why it was necessary for me to be born in Palestine to live amongst the
Jews in an effort to help them see that their traditional beliefs and practices were all contrary
to the very Nature of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS which had truly given them being?
Since then, down the centuries, men have battled with the concept of ‘sin’ and many sincere people
have grieved concerning the way they offend ‘God’ and they beg for forgiveness. Long ago, they
sacrificed animals beyond number in the Temple in Jerusalem, to appease ‘God’ and to hopefully
escape the effects of their sinning. Since that time, innumerable books have been written on the
subject, expressing grief and horror at the condition of men’s souls, seeking ways to
change their behaviour, beating themselves with whips to torture the flesh and make it pay for
its wrongdoing in thought, words and deed, and many of these books have been applauded by
‘Christians’ throughout Europe and housed within the archives of religious institutions.
They bind people to my age-old persona of ‘Jesus’, preaching the ‘salvation of man from punishment
for his sins’ by my death on the cross. As I have explained elsewhere, these beliefs
are physically impossible and contrary to the facts of creation. No payment is extracted for ‘sin’
by any superior ‘Deity’. This is a human concept entirely – and pagan. All blood-letting of any
description for the purpose of religious rites is paganism. The Christian church has presented its
followers with nothing less than a
‘glorified’ version of paganism.

Letter 6

When people make other people unhappy in any way, they are creating their own future ‘comeback’.
Not as retribution but as a ‘consciousness activity of creation’.
Therefore, it is a matter of urgency that these beliefs in ‘sin’ and ‘salvation by my death on the
cross’ should be strongly combated – and replaced – by the spiritual understanding given you in
these Letters. Before leaving this subject of religious doctrines, I want to make it clear that
some spiritual seekers within the Christian church, down the ages, have sufficiently purified their
consciousness to become strongly aware of ‘Power’ they have called ‘God’ and have come to recognise
that the ‘Source of Being’ is not as taught by the Church. But only a few people have been
sufficiently spiritually evolved to move beyond the parameters of religious beliefs to feel the
full inflow of ‘Power’ since the vast majority of people can only conceive Truth within an earthly
I, the CHRIST, have to tell you that to this time, not one of all the ‘saints’ has even glimpsed
the reality of
creation and the truth behind human behaviour as I am presenting it to you now.
The time has surely come when you must now be told the truth concerning ‘sin’ and human behaviour
and what people are presently doing to the world and to themselves – providing you
have fully abandoned the age-old myths of religious doctrine and are presently eager, receptive,
and gladly opening your hearts completely to the realities of existence. If you are none of these
things, then what I have to say will have no meaning for you.
Believe me – you cannot mix your old religious beliefs with the Truth of Existence. If you try to
do so,
you may be sure that you are not seeing Truth but only your own adaptation of what you believe you
have gained from these pages.
If you continue the search for Truth of Existence but remain in a divided state of conviction, you
may continue the search at great cost to yourselves, torn by indecision, fear, and a continuing
inability to perceive the true meaning of the new teaching. Your developing perceptions will be
partially obscured by
‘messages’ arising out of the old conditioning of your conscious and subconscious mind. You may not
realise the enormity of such a problem at this present time, but it is a tremendous problem because
your present deep beliefs are your present truth on which you construct your daily lives. They are
your reality. Your convictions and strongly-held beliefs may be completely illusory but if you
fully believe in them in your sub-conscious, they become absolutely real for you. No matter how
compelling of your attention may be any new ideas contradicting your beliefs, your consciousness
will be split and will give enormous discomfort – even anguish to you.
Remember – your consciousness is the fabric out of which you make your lives.
This consciousness fabric is the ground of your every response to every single thing which happens
in your mental, emotional and physical lives. Your consciousness is your reality.
This statement may be expressed in two ways, both of which are the truth of your existence.
Your consciousness creates your reality, irrespective of what the actual facts of your earthly
life may be. When people believed the earth was flat, they were afraid to venture too far over the
ocean lest the ship should fall over the edge. The people who believed in a flat earth, lived
according to that belief.
When Galileo said the earth was round, he was considered a heretic but his perception of the
‘roundness of the earth’ enabled sailors to take a new look at the world and set out to discover
what lay the other side of the ocean. It required a change in their belief to make this possible.

Letter 6

You are in a similar position in regard to these Letters. Those people who discount and ridicule
them are like the people who believed in a flat earth and were afraid of falling over the edge if
they sailed too far to the west or east of their known environment. Their horizons were severely
limited by their false beliefs.
So are the horizons of those people who believe the world to be solid, also severely restricted.
Day after day, they lament and grieve over the misfortunes which have befallen the world, believing
there is no escape from them.
But the people who can grasp and welcome the Truth of Consciousness I am presently giving the
world, are like those who perceived that travel on the oceans could be limitlessly undertaken in
all directions, providing they had the will to set out on such a journey.
Therefore, your state of consciousness is the most important consideration in your life ... not
your relationships or possessions or your position in life. Tend to your consciousness and the
blessedness in all aspects of your life will follow.
By your consciousness you feed yourself with inner love and harmony, joy and beauty, even in the
backstreets of a slum.
With such a consciousness, you will find yourself being removed from the streets of the slum into
an environment in keeping with your inner self. So do you climb out of unpleasant circumstances.

From the foregoing, you should now be able to see that only you create the ‘quality’ of your
internal world, whether you find yourself externally in prison or in command of a battleship! And
you can enhance your surroundings by radiating to them the life-force which animates your thinking.
And again, your consciousness is your reality, – not your husband or wife, children, home, garden,
possessions, qualifications, workplace, friends. For whatever place your people and your
possessions occupy in your consciousness – good or evil – this ‘place’ is only your personal
perception of them. The
‘reality’ of these people is not truly known to anyone. No one has access to the innate goodness
hidden in an apparently negative character. Conversely, no one may suspect the hidden drives and
desires of a seemingly personable human being.
Your external life only impinges on your consciousness. It does not – cannot – create or determine
your conscious responses. You are the ‘creator’ of your responses. Your type of creation depends
entirely on your deepest perceptions and beliefs regarding existence.
Furthermore, you can, at any moment, choose to gradually dismantle your past inner world in order
to create a more harmonious inner kingdom of increasing love, vitality, and joy, although your
outer ‘objects’
– people or possessions remain the same. The spiritual power of the ‘fabric of your consciousness’
will be radiated outwards and absorbed by the people, plants and bricks and mortar in your
immediate vicinity. There will be definite changes and improvements in all that comes within your
orbit. It is your destiny in this life – or future lives – to arrive at this full and complete
realisation. When you do, you will put your foot to the path of self-mastery and then gradually
move forward to becoming a true master of your human consciousness world interpenetrated and
I, the CHRIST, commend this Letter to you. I have put you in full possession of some of the
important facts of creation which will enable you to transcend the ego – the guardian of your
individuality – and to return to the UNIVERSALITY of BEING from which you have really come. You
have within your hands, the means by which you can move into unconditional Love, Joy and Personal
Letter 6

Remember that I have said that I yearn over the spiritual traveller’s progress. As you move along
the path I have outlined for you, there will be times of confirmation that I am indeed with you
on your journey. You will see them – retain your faith in them.
At all times, I uphold you in Divine Love for I am Divine Love in action. Believe this and find
rest in
my Consciousness enfolding you.

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